Schedule app maintenance and update in a few minutes

2 min readJun 14, 2023

You are planning to deploy new features or perform a bug fix, then the first two things you need to do would be 1) choose a suitable time period 2) notify users about it.

To minimize disruptions, we should prioritize low-traffic periods to perform a maintenance or an update.

More importantly, we need to notify the users well in advance about the scheduled maintenance and its duration, along with the reasons and potential impacts on their access.

✨ To help engineers, developers, or DevOps save time and reduce unnecessary works, Nbase SDK made maintenance and update a breeze. On the dashboard, you can schedule and run the operations conveniently and quickly.

Schedule or start maintenance
Schedule or start maintenance

Simply, you can

  1. Select which stores to push the operation on
  2. Select periods
  3. Compose notification message (use the automatic translation feature for global users)
  4. Modify or terminate the operation as needed
  5. Click the button to schedule or start the operation immediately 🚀
Schedule or start update

The intuitive dashboard

The dashboard, which comes with any of the Nbase SDKs, focuses on simplifying and streamlining applications’ operation and management.

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