In-App Purchase (IAP): Easy Way to Integrate and Manage

1 min readJul 10, 2023
In-app Purchase

💳 Integrating an in-app purchase feature into your application can help you generate revenue, offer values to users, and foster the growth of your businesses. 🚀

🧑‍💻 From integration to management, Nbase made everything about in-app purchase convenient, to help developers save time and simplify their workflows.

Nbase Core and Nbase Game SDK make monetization easy
1️⃣ Quickly and easily integrate Google Play Store, Apple App Store, One Store, Huawei Store, and Galaxy Store to your applications
2️⃣ Payment details: payment ID, store, date, user ID, name of purchased item, server ID, currency, amount, transaction status
3️⃣ Payment verification and automatic prevention for fraudulent payments
4️⃣ Two-click to reverse fraudulent or suspicious payments
5️⃣ View cancelled payment and details
6️⃣ Create in-app items and list on stores
7️⃣ Test in-app payments and item send-outs using WebHook
8️⃣ View real-time data and statistics on revenue, ARPU, revenue per store, etc.

🖥 All of the operation and settings mentioned above can easily be controlled on the dashboard for quick and easy management.

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