"Making application developments easy - with exceptional SDKs and APIs"

Nbase Corp, founded by experts in game platform development and publication, started by developing an SDK (software development kit) specialized for game development, operation, and management.

For its incredible functionality, convenience, and advantages, the Nbase Game SDK was welcomed by more than 100 game development companies throughout East Asia, within just 2 years of launch.

Nbase Game SDK allowed game developers and engineers to focus on what they do best while accelerating their workflows and optimizing resources by providing software functionalities that games commonly need to implement: SNS login and authentication, in-game payment, leaderboard, coupon and gift, KPIs, and many more - which can be operated on the dashboard.

Upon our clients' request and suggestion, we developed and launched the Nbase Chat, an SDK for a feature-rich and versatile in-app messaging. The SDK helps application developers save a vast amount of time and resources they would normally need for implementing a cross-platform in-app chat.

Our mission is to accelerate and simplify development of applications for businesses and enterprises in order for their innovative ideas and technologies to be realized and better our society.

We truly feel great about developing SDKs and APIs and seeing that they are benefiting businesses and enterprises in many ways, and we will continuously develop more powerful tools and solutions so that we can grow together and make positive impacts in our society.